Welcome to the New API Portal Newsletter

"I’m thrilled to introduce the first API Portal Newsletter. Each edition will share highlights from the portal, as well as updates from the broader developer community, Base Camp and the SCALE Program.

David_wuWe’re making big changes to enhance the customer experience, so you get the most from our APIs, supporting documentation, user guides, and developer resources, which all exist within our shared fintech ecosystem.

As the world’s leading provider of banking software, we help financial institutions of all sizes, in all sectors, to dramatically accelerate their digital transformation. Like all constituents in the wider financial landscape, the API Portal is constantly evolving, so I encourage you to stay up to date with the newsletter."

Martin Bailey Director of Innovation and Ecosystem

The New API Portal

We’ve significantly improved the look, feel and functionality of the portal to include:

  • Simplified layout, navigation, and content, so you can find what you need quickly and easily.
  • A full catalog of APIs to explore.
  • Postman collections, to make testing our APIs even easier. A spotlight on Temenos Transact, the world’s bestselling, most functionally rich core banking product.
  • Updated instructions for requesting an API key so you can explore our consumable APIs in a zero-risk, multi-product sandbox environment.
  • A featured APIs section. We’ve started with Financial Crime Mitigation (FCM), including their API solutions, supporting documentation, overview video – all of which provide a more comprehensive narrative, enriching the FCM user experience.
  • A focus on Unified User Experience (UUX) – a tool that enables teams to rapidly build modern web apps.
  • Exploring Essential Banking APIs through workflow examples, linking to specific endpoints, so you can see real life examples and experience our banking solutions in action.

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Get Ready to SCALE

Whether you’re a FinTech, developer working at a bank, or implementation consultant, choosing Temenos means choosing to accelerate innovation. We’ll help speed you through development to launch. And see your ideas showcased in front of the widest possible banking audience.

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The Key to Making Innovation a Reality

It’s now easier than ever to request an API key, so you can jump in the developer sandbox and get building with our consumable APIs. We’ve updated how to request an API key by simplifying the steps and streamlining the approval process.

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SCALE 2021 Developer Conference

The event was held over two days and had more than 50 sessions. It included live keynote speeches from the leadership team as well as scores of on demand presentations, providing invaluable updates about our constantly evolving fintech ecosystem.

Check out some of the sessions below.

Data Protection by Design -

Rachel Vardon, Principal Business Analyst at Temenos

Rachel followed up her previous year’s popular SCALE presentation with a session on open banking and data protection by design.

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APIs: Actually, Pretty Important -

James Ferretti, Solutions Engineer at Wise

James shared practical do’s and don’ts of working with APIs as well as best practices for a new API-first world of development.

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Grow Trees

Our commitment to sustainable banking bore fruit – quite literally – at SCALE 2021, our latest developer conference, when we donated a fruit tree for each attendee. In partnership with Grow-Trees.com, we planted a grove of trees in India. Recipients received a certificate in December marking the occasion of the planting and a pledge of commitment to improve bio-diversity and offset our collective carbon footprint. Thanks to all who attended SCALE. This initiative is just one of Temenos’ commitments to financial sustainability and inclusivity.

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