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I need to know the steps to add a question in Temenos Forum.
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After you have registered, you are ready to ask questions, give answers, comment on other users' questions or just ask for more help. Your question will next be routed to one of the Forums' admins.

  1. In the top navigation menu, click Ask a Question.
  2. In the first field, type your question.
  3. From the drop-down list, choose the category. 
  4. In the text field, provide additional information that will help an Admin write a more precise answer. Tip: You can format your text using the basic formatting controls that are available on the edit page, for example, you can italicize text, add a table, a link or an image. You can also add an attachment. 
  5. In the tags field, provide any tags that you think will help parametrize this question.
  6. Click Ask the Question. The question is published in Temenos Developer Forum.
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