When working with Unified UX, a component can be generated very easily by using the following command:

uux generate component my-component

But replace "my-component" with the name of your component.

Four files will be generated as follows:

- my-component.ts
- my-component.test.ts
- my-component.scss
- index.ts

Each component uses LitElement and LitHtml to build Web Components.

This is a complete list of options available via the uux generate command:

Generates and/or modifies files based on a schematic.
$ uux generate [SCHEMATIC] [NAME]
-f, --force Using force will override any folders and files that already exist.
-h, --help show CLI help
-p, --prefix=prefix The prefix to apply to the generated component selector.
$ uux generate component my-text-field
$ uux generate library my-library

To see this list via the command line, run the uux generate command with the --help flag:

uux generate --help